The Point at Poipu Owners Association 

Resort Issues - also known as DRI's "wall of shame"
One of the issues that we face as "owners" is in holding our resort management vendor (in this case, DRI) responsible for the maintenance and repair of the resort consistent with preserving our investments.  The purpose of this page, is to collect and document maintenance issues that have not been attended to or, in the event this has been done, the amount of time required to accomplish this.

What follows then, are photographs taken by deeded owners that will chronicle and confirm our position that DRI is not fulfulling it's repsonsiblities.

Pictures submitted by an owner who was staying at The Point at Poipu on Feb 10/10:

Poolside BBQ

The "entertainment center"

Samples of mould growing on the deck chairs...

Lack of sand around pool reveals weed protection covering...

Security Door at the Poolside Grill

Pictures submitted by an owner in January, 2010:

Soffit Rust and Mould above the lanai on Bldg 9, Room 301

Rust on playground equipment that our children safe is this?


Examples of building flashing problems left unattended...

Examples of doors that are in need of repair...

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