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Nov 25/12 - Diamond Resorts agrees to settle our Planned Class Action lawsuit via mediation!!! Read the complete Settlement Agreement (fully executed) here - (Settlement Agreement details here)

Nov 25/12 - COPP issues summary of the Settlement Agreement - (Settlement Agreement details here)

Jan 28/12 You can run but you can not hide - Diamond Resorts International: Real or Cubic Zirconia?(Timeshare Today article from 2009)

Nov 23/11 Diamond Resorts International - Consumer Alert! (see three YouTube videos just released....)
Sorry...! Someone must have got to the maker of these videos as they are now marked "private" on You Tube

Nov 2/11 Diamond Resorts Makes Millions per year off The Point at Poipu - please note that DRI has expenses on two lines - Corporate Admin Fee of $1,529,739 PLUS Other Operating Expenses (Management Fees) of $1,865,506 for a grand total of $3,495,245. This is what we are fighting against....not only the water intrusion. (see details here)

Nov 1/11 CDOPP Owners complain to FTC (Federal Trade Commission) here....(web link)

25-10-11 Diamond Resorts International Complaints (from around the world) (more)
25-10-11 HUNDREDS of owners register daily on CDOPP website to fight DRI and their "special assessment"
24-10-11 Owners are ANGRY! Voice concerns on Facebook at this website: (more)
19-10-11 SURPRISE!! Diamond Resorts International Special Assessment notices to all owners hits like a ton of bricks! See this sample Assessment for one deeded week: (more)

04-03-10  Resort damages continue to be ignored by are recent photos of Bldg 8 taken by owners recently at the resort in early March, 2010 ....(more)
01-03-10  Diamond Resorts threatens timeshare owners with lawsuits ...(more)
28-02-10    Timeshare owners still disgruntled ....(more)
25-02-10    Troy Magdos, a Vice President with Diamond Resorts made a $10 donation to the CDOPP cause through PayPal.  We do not understand what motivated Mr. Magdos to do this but we can guess.  His donation was quickly returned to him.
02-10-10    Dream week turned to Hell thanks to Erin Sue at the front desk and Manager Chris Gampon....(more)
02-07-10    DRI raises maintenance fees and foreclosures skyrocket....(more)
02-07-10    Top 10 Questions for deeded owners....(more)
01-29-10    Resort damages ignored by DRI....(more)
12-26-09    Poipu Point Owners fight back with an owner's association under the name CDOPP (Concerned Deeded Owners at The Point at Poipu) in order to take control of and manage maintenance fees and costs that are currently out of control.  CDOPP members are holding Diamond Resorts International (DRI) responsible for these uncontrolled increases and plans are underway to have them replaced as property managers. CDOPP is supporting three new candidates for board positions. 
10-11-09    Diamond Resorts International threatens lawsuit.... (details at Kauai World)
10-01-09    Diamond Resort International ousted from Polynesian Isles Resort ....(more)
10-04-09    Diamond Resorts International: Fees raised to cover fees ....(more)
09-02-09    TimeShare Today editorial raises questions about unfair practices by Timeshare developers ....(more) 
08-01-09    Concerned Deeded Owners establish an association for dealing with concerns about Diamond Resort International's management of our property.  Dear Concerned Deeded Owners at The Point at Poipu ....(more)
07-01-09    Similar problems at other timeshare resorts ....(more)
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