The Point at Poipu Owners Association 

Concerned Owners at The Point at Poipu - Official Website

IMPORTANT - We are facing a critical Board election.  Please go to the Annual Meeting page for additional information.

Vision Statement

We, the owners of The Point at Poipu should be the rightful managers of our property, ensuring the longevity of our investment and the enjoyment of our vacation experience.

Mission Statement  

We, the owners of The Point at Poipu will work together as a combined voice to ensure the removal of Diamond Resorts International as the Manager of our property and in doing so, will ensure the realization of our Vision Statement.

IMPORTANT: This website is not updated on a regular basis but rather, when and where new news and data becomes available to us.  Please register on this website (click on the [Register] link ) to receive regular email updates and you can also check our FaceBook page for daily information and discussion topics.  Please see the [Contact Us] page for the direct link to Facebook.

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