The Point at Poipu Owners Association 

2017 Annual Meeting - Tuesday, February 28 in Kauai

February 20, 2017

There is an urgency, and a responsibility, that all owners at The Point at Poipu take the time this year to vote for a COPP endorsed candidate, to the Board of Directors.
  • Read the Candidate Summaries carefully to determine who these people are that COPP is endorsing (Robert Halem and Carl Jones)
  • If you can't vote (for whatever reason) then please assign your proxy to ROBERT HALEM.(click here)
  • Read the Voting instructions and vote carefully.  Under no circumstance assign your proxy to the Board of Directors.

Board of Director vacancies:

        VOA Board - two vacancies  Carl Jones and Robert Halem
AOAO Board - one vacancy  Carl Jones

Candidate Statements from the Official Proxy

Robert Halem:
I am currently the interim President of the Concerned Owners of Poipu Point.
( As an independent owner for many years, I have lived through the several changes of management companies. Each change has brought lower quality and higher maintenance fees. They are not the owners, we are. Only by placing control of the Board of Directors in the hands of real owners, not employees of Diamond, will these continuous increases ever stop. The current Board, composed totally of DRI selected members, has awarded contract after contract to DRI. This is obviously a conflict of interest and not in the best interest of the owners. We need competitive bidding to assure we are getting the best possible service for our
annual maintenance fee dollars. If you have questions, contact me at I am in no way associated with Diamond Resorts International (DRI), nor any of its subsidiaries, employees, nor friends or family of employees.
I pay my own annual maintenance fees. I receive no compensation, reimbursement or remuneration in any way from DRI or anyone in anyway affiliated with DRI or its subsidiaries.

Carl Jones:
This is my 6th attempt at a position on our Board. Honest owner representation must be restored in our Board. The enormous amount of votes controlled by DRI and the existing DRI controlled Board make becoming a Board member impossible without DRI casting the votes they control for the candidate. We, as the Deeded owners must regain representation on the Board. The only possibility for a fare Election is one in which DRI does not vote in the election and allows the owners to elect a board of their choosing as was originally intended by the people that started and built the Point at Poipu we all love so much! I urge you and every other owner to contact DRI and insist they let us elect our Board. If and when that happens and I am fairly elected by you, I will represent you! I have absolutely no affiliation with Diamond Resorts International outside of being a Deeded Owner at the Point. Please VOTE and use the new DRI Member to Member Online Message Board, it is a great way for all
owners to communicate, you can find me there as “ibucarl” or contact me directly at

A Summary of sorts, in our opinion

We have the very unusual situation whereby our Board of Directors does not represent the broad ownership of thousands of individual deeded owners but rather, the interests of Diamond Resorts.  

In a review of available BOD minutes, the Agenda is prepared by DRI and our "president" does noting more than open & close the meeting - it is entirely orchestrated by DRI.  Further, the minutes reflect that everyone on the Board votes unanimously for every motion - there is never any discussion or an alternate point of view.

Listen up folks - this is a "slam-dunk" by Diamond Resorts and we need to take them to task for this. 

The interests, that DRI makes claim to, are not in the best interests of the other owners and this imbalance needs to be corrected.

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